Making a Pull Request (PR)

Making a Pull Request (PR)#

Step 1: Open PR Tab on GitHub

To create a pull request, navigate to the STScI jdat_notebooks repository on GitHub and click on the Pull Request:

Image showing a Github PR tab

Step 2: Click New PR Button

Image showing a Github PR button

Step 3: Compare Across Forks

Image showing a link to compare across forks on Github

Step 4: Select Your Fork and Branch

Use the drop down menu to select your fork and branch. If you can not find your branch, first try to refresh the page. If you still can not find your branch, something probably went wrong in the Git and GitHub Workflow section.

Image showing how to choose and compare branch to create a PR


Make sure the base repository (left side) is set to the spacetelescope/jdat_notebooks and main branch.

Step 5: Write a Description and Create PR

Once the PR form pops up, fill in the title with the name of your notebook or project. In the description box, leave a description of your notebook and the data it uses.


If you copy and paste the checklist in the Check List section, it will render as a checklist with radio buttons you can toggle any time.

Image showing a checklist of items that should include in a PR

Step 6: Updating Your PR

Once the PR is created, you can update it by pushing new changes to your fork. This means that you can simply follow the steps described in the Git and GitHub Workflow section and GitHub will automatically update your PR to reflect the changes.

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