Search The TESS Input Catalog Centered On HD 209458.#

This notebook tutorial demonstrates how to do a cone search centered on the location of a target (in this example, the star HD 209458) in the TESS Input Catalog. We will then select a subset of the returned targets based on their Luminosity Class values. Finally, we will identify the TIC object that is closest on the sky to HD 209458 as a means to determine the star’s TIC number. This tutorial uses Python and the astroquery module. Information on how to install astroquery for MAST can be found on the Astroquery site.

from astroquery.mast import Catalogs
import numpy as np

Setup The Search Parameters#

Let’s start by defining the name of our target and our desired search radius in degrees.

target_name = "HD 209458"
search_radius_deg = 0.2