These are tutorials on using the popular lightkurve package to analyze Kepler data.



Searching for Kepler/K2 Data Using Lightkurve

Learn about Kepler data products, and how to query for and download them.

Analyzing Light Curve Products

Understand the units, metadata, and ancillary files needed to fully understand light Kepler Light Curve products.

Analyzing Target Pixel File Products

Learn about handling Target Pixel Files and associated metadata.

Creating Light Curves Using Custom Aperture Photometry

Create your own custom light curves from Kepler images.

Combining Multiple Quarters of Data

Learn about Kepler Quarters and how this division of observations impacts the data. Then, combine Quarters to create a longer light curve.

Interactively Inspecting TPFs and Light Curves

One of the most powerful features of lightkurve is the ability to make data interactive. This tutorial will walk you through some of the most interesting options.