Identifying Periodic Signals

Identifying Periodic Signals#

These tutorials look at some types of periodic signals you might find in Kepler data.



Identifying Transiting Planets

Use the Box Least Squares (BLS) method to identify transiting planet signals in light curves.

Removing Rotation Signals

Not every oscillating signal is a planet; a key factor in stellar brightness is the star itself! This Notebook focuses on the impact of stellar rotation on a lightcurve, and how to create a model for this rotation.

Visualizing Periodic Signals with River Plots

A river plot is a method of visualizing a periodic signal that changes over time. In this lesson, we’ll use a multi-planetary system to look at a planet with a non-constant period.

Verifying Signal Location in Pixel Data

Learn to decontaminate data, even in a crowded field, by performing a pixel-level analysis of the data.